BBQs 2U – Blackstone Griddle Models – Choose the Right Unit for Your Culinary Performance

by raidel

Griddles and barbeques differ in many ways. Outdoor cooking fans can choose to invest in a griddle even if they have a barbeque.

BBQs 2U is an authorised dealer with a showroom in Abersoch. They are passionate about barbeques and grills, yet the owners have had a great experience with Blackstone Original griddles.

The passionate family first tries the brand and appliances before adding them to their inventory. Therefore, customers repeatedly visit their showroom for upgrades to focus on enhancing their barbequing or grilling experience.

Today, Blackstone griddles have become synonymous with outdoor cooking fun, offering a versatile platform for everything from breakfast feasts to sizzling stir-fries.

However, when you visit the BBQs 2U online platform, there is a range of sizes from 17″ to 36″, which makes it challenging to choose the suitable Blackstone model.

Let’s explore the features and benefits of each model to help you determine the suitable unit for your culinary performance.

The Blackstone 17″


  • The 17″ griddle weighs 30 pounds and is ideal for balconies, patios, or tailgating adventures.
  • Its 260-square-inch cooking surface satisfies couples’ or solo grilling sessions.
  • Despite its size, it boasts a powerful 15,000 BTU burner, which ensures ample heat for searing steaks or whipping up pancakes.
  • The 17″ model features a removable stand and grease management system, making it easy to store and clean.

If space is at a premium, the 17″ Blackstone is a reliable whiz for small-scale culinary needs.

The Blackstone 22″


  • When you check the 22″ griddle, it expands your cooking space to 340 square inches. This mid-sized option offers more flexibility to accommodate your nuclear family or small groups easily.
  • The dual 15,000 BTU burners provide independent heat control, perfect for simultaneously creating different temperature zones for searing and simmering.
  • The 22″ includes a larger grease tray and a removable stand, which is convenient for stationary and portable use.

If you envision grilling for up to 4-5 people, the 22″ strikes a sweet balance between size and versatility.

The Blackstone 28″


  • The 28″ Blackstone has 470 square inches of cooking real estate.
  • With dual 30,000 BTU burners, this griddle is a culinary powerhouse, efficiently catering to large gatherings. Imagine yourself sizzling fajitas for a crowd, prepping a breakfast buffet for a family reunion, or even attempting aspiring recipes like pizzas or hibachi meals. The expansive surface allows multiple dishes to cook simultaneously, while the independent heat zones ensure perfect results for each.
  • The 28″ comes with a sturdy stand and a more extensive grease management system built to handle the demands of large-scale grilling.

If you regularly host big cookouts or crave maximum cooking flexibility, the 28″ is your best ally.

The Blackstone 36″


  • The 36″ Blackstone controls a staggering 756 square inches of cooking space.
  • Four powerful 15,000 BTU burners deliver even heat distribution across the expansive surface, ideal for grand barbecues, catering events, or feeding a small army.
  • The 36″ comes with a heavy-duty stand, a built-in griddle cover, and multiple grease management trays, ensuring stability, convenience, and easy cleanup even after your epic grilling endeavours.

If you dream of hosting legendary cookouts or are a professional caterer, the 36″ Blackstone is your ultimate culinary platform.

BBQs 2U posts demonstration videos on YouTube. You can connect with their customers and get to know their experience using Blackstone Original Griddles!

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