Today’s Trending Colors in Quartz and Granite Countertops

by raidel

Is it time to renovate your Morehead City kitchen or bath? What color should you choose for the quartz or granite countertops? The pros at Onslow Stoneworks offer up some trending colors ready to make this year’s decor colors sizzle.

How to Compliment a Kitchen in Raspberry Blush with Granite or Quartz

The rich lush tones of Raspberry Blush stole the headlines as 2023’s trending home decor color. The rich orange-red makes a magnificent background as a wall color in your open kitchen. Choosing an off-white or rich gray granite for your kitchen countertops will help to anchor the main bold hue and provide a more neutral background for your serving ware, linens, and tile to play against.

Introduce some succulents and baskets of fresh fruit to bring in a wealth of natural colors to add life to the room.

Neutral Shades of Gray and Beige Outlast Fading Fads

Why do countertop experts recommend neutral colors to their clients? While the colors on the walls and curtains will change with the seasons, your countertops are designed to last a lifetime. Opting for a light gray or tan working surface enables you to change out your dishes, artwork, and furniture while your kitchen offers a timeless centerpiece to your design choices.

Undertones of Green and Blue Granite Provide Pop in an All-white Room

For clients that must have white cabinets, light flooring, and near-white furniture, your countertop can provide an anchor of color to enliven the space. Granite can be found in darker gray with specks of blue or green mixed in with its glittering quartz flecks. If you desire a bolder color statement, quartz countertops can be custom-made in richer hues that help to fill the room with a modern vibe. With hundreds of options available, it is possible to find the perfect color to match your design.

Explore Darker Stones for a Moody Industrial Look

Do you imagine a space filled with mahogany cabinets, slate floors, open-work lighting, and glass cases? When you visit the showroom at your local granite countertop fabricator, you can choose a slab of stone that is nearly black with veins of lighter gray hidden in its depth. The rich surface will help to create that industrial vibe that complements your brickwork, worn wide plank flooring, and tall windows.

Bring Your Inspiration Boards when Shopping for the Best Countertops Morehead City Offers

While the big box home design centers may focus on a limited selection of color choices that change with the seasons, an experienced kitchen and bath design center that specializes in stone countertops will always offer a wide array of options to suit your design. The best way to find the color of granite or quartz that will perfectly complete your home is to bring all your samples, idea boards, and your designer with you when you visit the showroom.

If you live in the greater Morehead City area, give the professionals at Onslow Stoneworks a call to schedule your personal tour of their selection of granite and quartz slabs. They look forward to helping you find the finishing touch for your kitchen countertop project.

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