Best Ways to Promote Kidney Health

by raidel

While a urologist doesn’t directly treat the kidneys, they treat several diseases related to the kidneys. Poor kidney health can cause kidney stones, obstructions and urinary tract infections. Practicing a healthy lifestyle and promoting kidney health is essential to help improve your health and decrease the chance of contracting disease.

Eat A Balanced Diet

Having a balanced diet can improve all aspects of your life and overall well-being. Not only does a healthy diet help efficiently fuel the body, but it can also reduce weight and stress and even improve your sleep quality. Eating a kidney-friendly diet can further promote kidney health. Foods that are healthy for your kidneys help reduce kidney damage and the build-up of minerals and fluids in the body. Some great foods for your kidneys include berries, dark leafy greens, fatty fish, olive oil, sweet potatoes and cranberries.

Reduce Salt

While salt is an essential mineral to help the body run, too much of a good thing can cause kidney trouble. An abundance of salt or processed, pre-packaged foods high in sodium can cause your body to retain too much water. When your body holds onto too much water, it causes your blood pressure to rise, making your heart work harder. When this happens, your kidneys take the brunt of the abuse and can become damaged from working too hard.

Limit the amount of sodium you eat to only 2,300 mg each day. Some of the best ways to reduce your sodium intake include:

  • Instead of adding salt to your meal, consider fresh herbs and spices to flavor your food.
  • If eating at a restaurant, ask your server to ask the chef not to salt your food. This way, you’ll have complete control over sodium in your meal.
  • Although vegetables are healthy, canned vegetables are high in sodium used to preserve the vegetable and keep it shelf stable. Consider switching to fresh or frozen vegetables to reduce your sodium intake.

With just small daily changes to your diet, you can gradually reduce your sodium intake, making your heart and kidneys healthier and more efficient.

Increase Calcium

Keep your kidneys healthy by giving your body the right amount of calcium. This health tip is crucial for those receiving dialysis treatments. Calcium helps to offset the increase of phosphorus dialysis patients receive. To improve your kidney health, look for foods high in calcium. Some perfect examples include dairy items like milk, yogurt and cheese. Several vegetables also are high in calcium, like broccoli, spinach and rhubarb. Before making changes to your diet, consult with a medical professional about calcium and kidney health.

Eliminate Bad Habits

Smoking and drinking alcohol can take their toll on your body but can be particularly damaging to the kidneys. Smoking and other tobacco products can not only wreak havoc on your heart and lungs, but your kidneys feel the impact too. Further, drinking alcohol adds unnecessary calories, increases blood pressure and can cause you to gain weight. If you must drink alcohol, limit your intake to one drink daily.

When your kidneys become overworked or damaged, it can quickly lead to disease or infection involving the urinary tract system. If you contract an infection or kidney stones, we provide urology services at CHWC Bryan Hospital and CHWC Archbold Medical Center. With innovative treatment options, a professional team and a caring attitude, we are here to help.

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