A Comprehensive Guide to Evoking and Attaining Ragnarok Origin Global Pets

by raidel

Ragnarok Origin Global offers an array of options for grooming and enhancing your pets. This guide will illustrate different ways to raise them and make use of regular and special summoning. Next, let’s delve into the world of Ragnarok Origin Global pet paraphernalia.

An Overview of Ragnarok Origin Global Pet Equipment

When two or four items of Pet Gear from the same set are put on, extra Attribute Bonuses can be earned. It is important to select carefully since different sets offer different set bonuses. Using Amber and Eden Coins can enhance your pet’s equipment further in Ragnarok Origin Global. It’s wise to keep duplicates of Pet Gear since Amber can be reclaimed by dismantling unwanted pet gear.

When Enhancing Gear to the third, sixth, ninth, and twelfth levels, an additional Secondary Attribute Bonus will be added, stacking with any already existing bonuses for the same attribute. From the sixth level and beyond, however, Enhancing further is risky, as it might lead to the loss of resources. Thus, before attempting to upgrade pet Gear, make sure that you have enough resources. In the Ragnarok Origin Global game, only existing Attributes will be generated for the new bonuses once the Attribute Bonus limits have been met.

Techniques to Elevate Ragnarok Origin Global Animals

When it comes to raising pets in Ragnarok Origin Global, there are some gameplays to take into consideration. Firstly, the pet’s maximum level cannot exceed that of its owner. Secondly, it can make use of various pieces of equipment in order to increase its strength, such as helmets, necklaces, weapons, outfits, bracelets, and shoes. Lastly, Mythic Pets can be promoted with shards of the same pet or generic pet shards, granting access to alternate forms and skills.

One way to beef up pet stats is to use Spirit Dew, which provides a range of random attributes. It is important to store the stats before they are applied, as not doing so would mean the previous list of stats would be replaced with a new one. Players can create strong and courageous pets to go on expeditions with by looking closely at these qualities.

Various Ways to Acquire Pets in Ragnarok Origin Global

In Ragnarok Origin Global, there are two types of pet summoning: normal and special. Normal summoning requires either normal pet summoning coupons or diamonds to summon pets up to the legendary grade. After every 60th summoning, a legendary pet is guaranteed. Special summoning requires special pet summoning coupons or nyan berries, and it can summon pets up to the mythic grade. After every 60th summoning, either a legendary pet or higher is assured, and after every 120th summoning, a mythic pet is guaranteed. If both of these guarantees are taken advantage of, only the highest grade will be displayed.

When you summon a Pet, you will receive 1 Poring Coin and the Pet itself, or Pet Shards if you already possess it. If your Wish List is full, any legendary or mythic pet you obtain will certainly be one of the ones you have listed. It is worth noting that there is a Summoning refresh Time in Ragnarok Origin Global, with standard summoning being replenished each day at 5:00 and special summoning being refreshed on Mondays and Fridays at the same time.

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